Thursday, February 24, 2005

More Dean Daily News

From the AP story, "Liberal groups watching if new Dems chief will keep his backbone": "A year ago, an activist group from the Seattle area presented Howard Dean with a tall, thin, golden statue of a backbone." "Dean, Lakoff, and the Elephant" is from BlueOregon. Here's a few lines: "Dean clearly had frames on his mind. When asked by a panel member about whether the last election gave Bush a mandate on his war on terror, Dean replied that the real lesson was about not letting them set the terms of debate. Dean was clearly working hard to overcome the conservative frame which paints liberals as peace loving wussies who don't have the courage to wage a war. Dean stated several times that, 'Democrats are not weak on defense.' Ouch. This made me think of Nixon saying 'I am not a crook,' which only served to convince everyone that he was, indeed, a crook. Why not just state it without the negative? 'Democrats are strong on defense.' I believe it." CNN gets it a day late with "Dean visiting GOP strongholds." they say Dean is "hoping to erase the notion that his party has surrendered so-called "red states" to Republicans."

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