Wednesday, February 23, 2005

''Who's afraid of Howard Dean?''

Ripon College's student newspaper, "College Days" has this commentary which contains the following: "We've all heard the hand-wringing, self-pitying post-election proclamations from various Democrats that the party needs to "understand" the red states and modify their views on guns or gays or God to break through. The concept is idiotic for numerous reasons, but my personal peeve is that it actively and absurdly denies that politics is about persuasion. It's like purposefully dropping a grenade on your foot en route to battle- you lose your weapon and cripple yourself before you can even stand and fight. Republicans are scared of a Democrat who proudly, unashamedly articulates a Democratic viewpoint even if the currents are rushing against him, who understands that his job isn't to passively respond to what the American people may say but to win them to his side. And jellyfish Democrats are scared of a party member who can break the cycle they've propagated to rebuild a proud and principled party, who's sick of losing and wants to change that no matter what. They're scared, so they call Howard Dean names, in a desperate attempt to marginalize what they know is coming and know they can't stop. They're scared. And it's about damn time." Ripon College is "Wisconsin's Oldest College Newspaper" and is located in Ripon, Wisconsin.

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