Sunday, February 13, 2005

Sunday Pundits

E.J. Dionne from the stable of Washington Post handicappers lays out the challenges facing Dean and asks, "Can Dean Give 'Em A Winner?" Saying he's no Deaniac, Dionne nonetheless offers this assessment: "It's stunning that a year after Dean's crash-and-burn exit from the presidential race he emerged as the top candidate to lead the party back to glory. His victory is the result, in part, of his shrewd understanding of the politics of the 447-member Democratic National Committee -- something his rivals for the job acknowledged by throwing in the towel in advance of yesterday's vote. But there was another reason for Dean's comeback: He appeared to be in the best position to meet most -- though not all -- of the competing demands of Democratic activists." Meanwhile, back in the friendly confines of the blogosphere, Jerome Armstrong describes the post-Chair wrangling at the DNC meeting, on MyDD. It's not all that interesting, but provides some closure as its title suggests: "New Day."

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