Saturday, February 05, 2005

''Dean for Change! Thoughts on Exiting from Donnie Fowler''

Donnie sees the light: "Fortunately, the Democratic National Committee will get the kind of change it needs. With Howard Dean as its next chair, the Party will have someone who not only understands change, but knows how to make it happen. Importantly, Governor Dean has committed to implement many of the changes that I advocated during my chair's race:* Moving Regional Press and Political Organizing Operations Out of DC and Into the States.* Assigning an Executive in the Office of the Chair as Liaison to State Parties.* Achieving Record Diversity Among DNC Staff and Consultants.As a presidential candidate and as a candidate for Chair, Governor Dean has brought with him a grassroots movement that will reinvigorate the Democrats with new activism and new voters. As a former governor and former Chair of the Democratic Governors Association, Governor Dean also knows the value of respecting and including those who are most loyal to the Party. It's the best of the new and the traditional. And the Democratic Party will be better for it. It's why I endorse Governor Dean for DNC Chair and hope to contribute to his and the new DNC's successes."

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