Thursday, November 16, 2006

"Carville's Still On A Tear, But Rahm and Dean Will Bury The Hatchet"

As James Carville continues his crusade to oust Howard Dean as DNC chair, DCCC chair Rahm Emanuel wants to concilliate.

According to sources in the DNC and DCCC, Emuanel called Dean this morning to distance himself from the tone and general tenor of Carville's remarks. In a short conversation, Emanuel acknowledged that he shared some of Carville's opinions about the DNC's priorities but said he did not share Carville's wish that Dean ought to be ousted as DNC chair.

Dean called Emanuel on election night, and the two had a friendly conversation, according to sources affiliated with both men.

When their schedules permit, Dean and Emanuel will meet privately to discuss their plans for the 2008 cycle. Both sides hope to reach, in advance, an understanding about how the Democratic party committees will fund state parties and candidate committees.

After the private meeting, the two will likely take their rapprochement public.

Meanwhile, current DNC member/ex-DNC chair Don Fowler e-mailed members of the DNC his response to Carville.

"Some ill-advised voices have suggested that, because of his 50-state strategy, Governor Dean should be replaced as Chair of the DNC," Fowler wrote in the e-mail.

"This is nonsense. The 50-state strategy is exactly what the Democratic Party needed and continues to need. Why do the Washington people think that they have a special prerogative to dictate what the Democratic Party needs? I hope that all DNC members will join me in rejecting this foolishness--from whatever source it came."

"Democrats won a great victory on November 7--control of the United States House of Representatives, control of the United States Senate, majority of Governors, and majority of state legislative bodies. Why should anyone want to mess with the team that won these remarkable results? Governor Dean deserves to continue as DNC Chair." [MARC AMBINDER

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