Sunday, November 12, 2006

"E-magine That: 16,000 Votes Missing In Florida District"

Tim Dickinson in the Rolling Stone National Affairs Daily:
In a normal election, 1 percent of voters choose not to cast a vote for the top races on the ballot.

In Florida’s Sarasota County, the percentage of voters who allegedly did not cast a vote in the district’s heated House battle was… 13 percent.

For these results to be credible, you’d have to believe that 4,000 people were more excited to vote for the members of the local hospital board than in the most important congressional race in more than a decade.

More likely, it appears that as many as 16,000 votes went missing. And since the EE&S voting machines offer no paper receipts, there’s no way to conduct a meaningful recount.

Oh, and did I mention that this race — currently led by the Republican with fewer than 400 votes — is Katherine Harris’ old district?

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