Tuesday, November 14, 2006


UPDATE: Hotline also has this from Jim McDermott:
"Jack was the first one in the center of the caucus who came out and said we, have to move. Guys like me who were against the war from the very start were waiting until somebody emerged. ... And he is a uniter. He brought the country together in this election and got them to vote out the Republican Congress because they were rubber stamping this war in Iraq. Without Jack, we would not be in power today" ("Hardball," MSNBC, 11/13).

Ariana Huffington, quoting Jim McDermott, on why House Dems should vote for Murtha for House Majority Leader:
The president's worst nightmare is to have to sit at breakfast with Jack Murtha...Jack will be a real leader.
Arianna also reports:
1) The race for House Majority Leader is anything but wrapped up -- it's a fluid contest and too close to call.
2) Remember what The Hill wrote in 2001, on Steny Hoyer's battle with Nancy Pelosi for the Democratic Whip post: "In July, when Pelosi had 90 known supporters, Hoyer claimed 99 total commitments.
On Aug. 1, when Pelosi announced eight new endorsements, Hoyer claimed 100. On Sept. 4, when Pelosi released two more names, for a total of 100, Hoyer upped his count to 101." Pelosi won the post 118-95.

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