Thursday, November 09, 2006

"DNC's Dean Likes GOP 'Business Model'"

Democratic Party Chairman Howard Dean today gave a rare compliment to his counterpart, Republican Party Chairman Ken Mehlman.

Dean, discussing the tactics of the midterm elections, said he had respect for Mehlman's operation and has even tried to copy elements of it.

"My business model is the Republican National Committee," said Dean. When asked why, then, it didn't work for the GOP in the elections, he said, "The problem was not their operation. Their problem was what they were selling."

Dean said the DNC adopted some of the RNC's operation ideas such as microtargeting. "We've adopted that," he said, after seeing just how effective it was for the Republicans in the 2004 election. He also said that the DNC is looking at other campaign and election strategies in which Republicans have traditionally dominated Democrats.

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reality-based educator said...

Howard is the man. Rahm and Schumer did a pretty good job too. I know there was some infighting between the groups, but damn, what an election.