Wednesday, November 08, 2006

"Thank You Howard Dean!"

Steven D on Booman Tribune:
...we owe this victory in large part to DNC Chairperson Howard Dean and his 50 state strategy. If the politicians who opposed him most vehemently, Rahm Emanuel, Chuck Schumer and the other members of the Democratic establishment in Congress had run the campaign they originally envisaged we would not have won by the significant margin that we did. Indeed, we might not even have won the House at all, and we certainly wouldn't have a shot at a majority in the Senate this morning. It was Howard Dean's vision of competing in every state, of asking every person for their vote, that proved to be the right one. Dean was right and the DCCC and DSCC leadership were wrong.

Thank you, Howard Dean. And thanks to all the hard working Democratic party volunteers and activists in every state that made his vision come true. Despite your naysayers and demonizers, this victory was realized because of your tireless efforts.

As for the legacy of Chuck Schumer and Rahm Emanuel? I give you one name: Joe Lieberman.

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