Wednesday, November 15, 2006

"Video: James Carville blames Howard Dean for 'cult of DNC'

Appearing on CNN's The Situation Room with host Wolf Blitzer and alongside conservative commentator Bay Buchanan, Democratic political consultant James Carville once again targeted Democratic National Committee chairman Howard Dean.

Describing a "cult" within the DNC surrounding Dean and his national campaign strategy, Carville continued what has been a steady stream of criticism against the former presidential candidate, often regarded as a populist outsider among "old money" Democrats.

Earlier today, Carville described Dean's leadership as "Rumsfeldian in its competence," while Dean, who has remained largely silent about Carville's unusual theatrics, dismissed the attacks on him as "inside the beltway silliness."

Howie opinion: Carville picked a helluva time to go after Howard Dean. The Dems just kicked ass. Howard Dean is not going to resign and seems to have the support of his stakeholders. I am wondering what can Carville possibly gain by attempting to weaken Dean's stature and influence? I do have some ideas. Do you?

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