Saturday, November 18, 2006

"Hoyer, Murtha and Pelosi"

reality-based educator:
I had another post about the Hoyer/Murtha/Pelosi thing, but I got rid of it cuz' Wonkette's is so much better:
Nancy Pelosi was unanimously voted Speaker of the House (congrats, crazy hippie!), and Steny “Slightly Less Corrupt” Hoyer was elected Majority Leader, beating out John “Bribe Me Later” Murtha. The vote in the Majority Leader race: 149-86. The crazy race which made Trent Lott the House Whipper of Minorities was a helluva lot closer, but expect to see “Dems Divided: Speaker Pelosi’s Leadership Ability Questioned” pieces in your major papers by sundown.

Howie's final word, I hope, on this topic: Sho' nuff, Wonkette was right.

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