Wednesday, November 08, 2006

'Micro-targeting' by

Baltimore Sun: congratulates itself, Cardin: "MoveOn members called more than 130,000 voters in Maryland– helping Democrat Ben Cardin defeat Republican Michael Steele. MoveOn’s one-of-a-kind "Call for Change" technology allowed regular people to use their home computers and phones to call over 6.5 million targeted voters in 60 key races across the nation. Consumer data and other 'micro-targeting' methods helped identify people who supported Democratic candidates but were infrequent voters. By persuading these people to vote, MoveOn members significantly boosted Democratic turn-out in race after race across the nation.

"'MoveOn's Call for Change program empowered regular people like me to change the direction of our country by getting out the vote for Ben Cardin and other Democrats in close races,'" said Manuel de Lizarriturri, a three-year resident of Locust Point in Baltimore and one of 62,000 MoveOn members in Maryland. MoveOn is a 3.2 million member organization known for utilizing the Internet and modern technology to empower regular people to make a difference in our democracy."

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