Saturday, November 25, 2006

"Poll on Impeachment"

From bob fertik on Kos:
Wednesday's open thread turned into a terrific debate on impeachment.
Kos is opposed to impeachment because

1. "'President Cheney' is fucking scary."

2. "We have a chance to show America what a governing Democratic Party looks like. And a governing party governs" - which excludes impeachment.

3. "We spend all of our time and media oxygen trying to convict, and it costs us Congress" in 2008

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Kos's objections were vigorously disputed by commenters:

1. We must impeach Bush and Cheney - perhaps Cheney first.

2. Oversight and investigations are an essential part of Congressional governing. Besides, Democrats can walk (govern) and chew gum (impeach) at the same time.

3. After Democrats hold hearings, prove the case for impeachment, and win support from the 60% of Americans who already disapprove of Bush, the Republicans who stand in the way will be endangered, not the Democrats who support it.

Vote in the poll below.

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