Monday, November 27, 2006

"From the DNC Mail Room: Your Birthday Cards to Governor Dean"

Tracy Joan (the Online Outreach Coordinator/Blogger for the DNC)on Kos:
When I first read about the "Great Howard Dean Birthday Card Project" on DailyKos I must say that I wasn't surprised that so many Democrats had jumped on board with the idea to celebrate Governor Dean's birthday and deliver a nice big grassroots "Thank You" for his special day! Coming up with, organizing and executing this kind of project is the kind of thing that makes this community so special. And it's the kind of thing that we've become accustomed to - people power in action.

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I mentioned to the folks in the Chairman's office, and in the mail room, that they should be on the look-out for cards (from the blogosphere, with love!). A few days later when the cards started rolling in everyone here was, once again, amazed at the outpouring of support that Governor Dean, and by extension, the DNC, has received time and again from grassroots Democrats.

The same Democrats who are out there supporting the Governor, the 50-State Strategy and Democratic candidates who are fighting everywhere, everyday, are the Democrats who took the time to send in a Birthday card and the gesture was much appreciated.

Hundreds of cards and thousands of dollars came via snail mail to the DNC. We saw some Personal Fundraising pages break out the old Dean bat to raise some Birthday donations and a slew of online activity, all because it was your way of helping Governor Dean celebrate his birthday - by supporting something you already know that he loves - our Party.

So this is just a brief diary to say thank you for the hours and hours of time you have given, your kind words, your hard earned dollars, your words of encouragement and and your on-going support. It means a lot to us here, and it means a lot to the Governor. It's because of Democrats like you that we are going strong at the DNC and ready to get back to work and win in 2008!

So from the DNC, with love, thank YOU!
Hat tip to Renee in Ohio.

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