Sunday, June 27, 2010

"BP's Darryl Willis on Claims Response" (video)

BPplc, video (01:01):
BP's Darryl Willis, head of the claims process, shares how claims payments assist affected locals in the Gulf region. BP is working to replace the lost income of fishermen, small businesses and others who can't work until the spill is cleaned up. Call or go online at and we'll help you figure out what information you need to file a claim.

BP has created this YouTube channel to engage the public in an informative conversation and dialogue about our efforts associated with the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. We want our page to be an appropriate forum for everyone. For more information on our Commenting Policy, please see the Latest News section on our main page:
Howie P.S.: If your sole source of information about BP's response comes from what you see on television during a baseball game, this is what you know. On the other hand---Venice, LA resident Kindra Arnesan, video (15:44), says:
"It's not a clean-up, it's a cover-up."

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