Wednesday, June 09, 2010

"Progressives Ask: Is It Obama, Or Is It Us?" (with audio/video)

NPR with audio (03:52):

A year and a half into Barack Obama's presidency, some of the people who got him elected are feeling restless. That's one of the dominant themes at this week's conference of progressives here in Washington, D.C. NPR's Andrea Seabrook reports on a conference called America's Future Now.

ANDREA SEABROOK: Left-wing activists describe the year leading up to Barack Obama's election as exhilarating, empowering and exciting. Now ask them about the first year and a half of his presidency and they say...

Mr. NICK WEINER (Union Activist): Frustrating.

Professor DARA STROLOVITCH (University of Minnesota): Sobering.

Mr. STEVE PEHA (Education Consultant): Brutal. FULL TRANSCRIPT...
Howie P.S.: Howard Dean has a more "nuanced" view as he discusses Democratic prospects in the November midterms, video (07:12).

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