Sunday, June 20, 2010

"In Deep Water: A Way of Life in Peril" (video)

AlJazeeraEnglish, video (23:21):
In the two months since the Deepwater Horizon explosion, millions of litres of oil have gushed out of BP's well into the water each day, slowly encroaching on the coastline. Fault Lines' Avi Lewis travels to the drill zone, and learns about the erosion in the wetlands from industry canals and pipelines, the health problems blamed on contaminated air and water from petrochemical refineries.
Howie P.S.: Naomi Klein's "Gulf oil spill: A hole in the world" is in the Guardian (UK):
The Deepwater Horizon disaster is not just an industrial accident – it is a violent wound inflicted on the Earth itself. In this special report from the Gulf coast, a leading author and activist shows how it lays bare the hubris at the heart of capitalism.

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