Friday, June 18, 2010

(Seattle) City attorney on jaywalking punch: 'Our Police Department is capable of far better' (with video) with video (02:28):
Announcing the charging decision, Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes faulted Levias for failing to follow Walsh's instructions while chastising police handling of the incident. Holmes said the incident "underscore(s) the void in leadership at the top."

"Our Police Department is capable of far better than we have witnessed in recent months," Holmes said in a statement Thursday.

"This dangerous intersection near Franklin High School is a known public safety problem," Holmes continued. "Despite that knowledge, SPD leadership essentially 'planned to fail because it failed to plan.' I trust that we will not see this ongoing problem addressed in the same shortsighted manner that occurred Monday."

Holmes continued, asserting that Police Department management insist its officers undergo cultural-sensitivity training currently being taken by assistant city attorneys under Holmes' direction. MORE...

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