Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Leslie Gelb: "Petraeus Locked Obama In"

Leslie Gelb:
At this morning’s hearing, General Petraeus tamped down talk of an early withdrawal from Afghanistan—and warned of greater U.S. casualties to come.

With his four stars and battle ribbons speaking for themselves and his reputation soaring, Gen. David Petraeus Tuesday told the Senate Armed Service Committee just what President Obama wanted its members to hear: (1) fighting the Taliban and Al Qaeda in Afghanistan remains essential to U.S. security; (2) the president’s counterinsurgency strategy and U.S. troop reductions projected to begin on July 2011 were fine; and (3) this general and this president are in harmony unlike the departing U.S./NATO commander Gen. Stanley McChrystal. MORE...
Howie P.S.: The photo is not meant to relate to any partilar individual, but to a mindset that has given us the current policy in Afghanistan.

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