Monday, June 14, 2010

"White House Is Pushing For Second Round of Stimulus Money For States And Cities" (with video)

David Axelrod on MTP, (Susie Madrak--Crooks and Liars) with video from MSNBC (03:26):
As progressives, bloggers and experts like Paul Krugman said at the time, cutting the stimulus package the first time around to make Republicans happy only weakened the stimulus effect to the point where it was enough to deter the worst effects of the financial crisis, but not enough to fix it. (Kind of like having a bacterial infection and taking half a dose of antibiotics.)

Krugman said then that he doubted the political climate would permit a later stimulus package, and he was right - which is probably why David Axlerod is tying himself in knots to avoid calling it that: MORE...

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