Saturday, June 19, 2010

Greg Sargent on The Real "Big F-in Deal" About Obama's Gulf Response

Greg Sargent:
What's still hard to grasp is the obsession with the theatrics of Obama's response, rather than the substance of it.

The irony is that it's actually the substance of Obama's response -- not the theatrics of it -- that has real political implications. The pubilc doesn't care whether Obama meets some arbitrary pundit-generated threshold for proper emoting. It's hard to imagine that ordinary Americans spend much time wondering whether the failure to stop the spill symbolizes some larger truth about Obama and his presidency.

People just want the spill stopped, the responsible actors held accountable, and steps taken to ensure it doesn't happen again. How and whether Obama succeeds at these things seems like the real political story here -- and, to my mind, the more dramatic and interesting one, too. MORE...

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