Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sable: "As Seattle City Hall Turns: The SPD Chronicles"

Seattle has been without a permanent police chief since President Obama snagged former chief Gil Kerlikowski to be our nation’s drug czar over a year ago.

The responsibility to fill the job fell to first time Mayor Mike McGinn. He looked to a 25 person panel to for recommendations. The list of eleven finalists was finally reduced to 3; Interim Chief John Diaz, Sacramento Police Chief Rick Braziel and East Palo Alto California Police Chief Ron Davis.

People in the Mayor’s office say hizzoner was leaning heavily towards Sacramento’s Chief Rick Braziel, who was also recommended by SPD’s Union, along with Diaz.

But then, without much explanation or warning, last week Braziel withdrew his name for consideration, leaving Mayor McGinn in a lurch. Insiders say the city’s top brass is devastated that Braziel withdrew, and that clearly he was the Mayor’s top choice.

The union quickly stepped forward and said 30 year vet and department insider Interim Chief John Diaz should be immediately named the new Chief. They point to his leadership during one of the most difficult years in the department’s history, and say his ability to lead is unquestionable. They also say the 3rd finalist, Chief Davis, isn’t nearly qualified for the job.

But if the decision seems like a no brainer for the union, it apparently is a little more complicated for the Mayor. MORE...
Howie P.S.: I call it "Amateur Hour," but you get the idea.

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