Sunday, June 10, 2012

Charles P. Pierce: "Terror by Another Name"

Charles P. Pierce (Esquire):
So, I was at the Netroots Nation thing on Thursday, hanging with the invaluable David Neiwert, who has spent years tracking and reporting on the activities of America's violent white-supremacist underground. "Hey," he said to me, "what about that thing in Florida?"
"What thing in Florida?" I responded, demonstrating once again how very much on top of things I am. I knew Florida had Pensacola, which had a reputation for being the OK Corral, especially when it came to shooting abortion doctors, and that it was a place in which, if you shot an abortion doctor, a nice fella who later would host the morning show on liberal MSNBC would represent you in court. But that was the best I could do. No, Neiwert said, the thing that happened a couple of weeks ago. MORE...

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