Friday, June 08, 2012

NN12: "Revitalizing State and Local Blogging: Tomorrow at 12 PM Pacific" (Streaming video)

Andrew Villeneuve (

Good afternoon everyone:

Wanted to let you know that tomorrow afternoon I'll be leading a panel at Netroots Nation called Revitalizing State and Local Blogging, which will examine the state of progressive state and local blogging in 2012 and discuss ways to strengthen local blogospheres in the United States. If you are in Providence for Netroots Nation 2012, the team and I at NPI would very much appreciate it if you make plans to attend. If you are not in Providence, I invite you to follow along and participate from home... we'll be livestreaming beginning at 3 PM Eastern/12 PM Pacific. Here is the panel synopsis:

Since the historic 2006 and 2008 election cycles, state and local blogospheres all around the country have been fragmenting and decaying to the detriment of the progressive movement. This panel will examine the challenges that surviving blogs face; discuss short-term projects that would help state and local bloggers strengthen their audience, reach and income through the rest of the 2012 cycle; and explore what can be done to sustain the Netroots community at the state and regional level long-term.
Joining me on the panel are Phillip Martin (@phillipmartin), Laura Packard (@lpackard), Bob Plain (@BobPlain), and Angelica Rubio (@anrubio). We have great geographic diversity on this panel - Phillip is from Texas, Laura from Michigan, Bob from Rhode Island, Angelica from Mexico, and myself from Washington State (the *real* Washington). Our biographies are available here:

The panel will be livestreamed here:

On Twitter, please use the hashtag #usnetroots to join in the conversation.

Thanks and I hope to see you tomorrow in person or online for Revitalizing State and Local Blogging!

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