Sunday, June 24, 2012

WA: "1st District Congressional Debate Part One" (with video)

KING 5 News Up Front, video (20:16):
Republican John Koster and Democrats Darcy Burner, Suzan Delbene, Steve Hobbs, Darshan Rauniyar and Laura Ruderman debate issues including jobs, health care reform, marijuana and foreign affairs.

Here's Part Two, video (21:05).

Howie P.S.: "KING 5 poll: Koster vs. Burner likely in WA 1st District race."

Howie P.P.S.: "Up Front Extra: 1st Congressional candidates on health care, primary," with video (11:12):
Having six candidates in one debate left us wishing for more time, even though we already extended Up Front to one hour this week. After the debate, we continued our discussion with the candidates and talked further about health care. Plus, an entertaining question for the candidates, two of whom will survive the August primary to compete in the November general election: Which other candidate do you believe should survive the primary?

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