Sunday, June 10, 2012

Joel Connelly: "Obama to progressives: I’m taking you for granted" (with video)

Joel Connelly (, with video from NetrootsNationVideo (04:36):
PROVIDENCE, R.I. — President Obama greeted Netroots Nation on Saturday night with a desultory “Hi, everybody!” video, and sent no administration official of front or even middle rank to America’s largest gathering of political bloggers. The message, from a politician who once came calling to ask for liberal bloggers’ support: I’m taking you for granted because you don’t have anyplace else to go. “As long as you keep up that fight I am there with you,” said the 44th president. What fight? He didn’t elaborate, other than to say it is “the time to dig deep” — presumably into wallets. The game of giving a nod to cause-driven believers among your supporters, but keeping them at arm’s length, is played often by the White House. MORE...

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