Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Seattle: "DOJ discouraged by talks, accuses city of 'negotiating in the press' "

Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn and Police Chief John Diaz. Photo: JOSHUA TRUJILLO / SEATTLEPI.COM.

SeattlePI.com (no byline):
On Monday, Mayor Mike McGinn released a number of documents that show how little progress has been made since the investigation was completed.

In a May 16 letter to City Attorney Pete Holmes, the DOJ's Jonathan Smith says he is "troubled and surprised" that the city hasn't taken steps to address issues of discriminatory policing and community engagement.

"We have been very discouraged by the way that these negotiations have been handled by the city," the letter reads.

In the same letter, Smith accuses the city of leaking confidential material and "negotiating in the press." MORE...

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