Saturday, July 29, 2006

"Arab American Community Coalition Appalled by Attack on Seattle Jewish Federation Office"

For more information contact:
Majdi Daher 425-503-2699
Ibrahim al-Husseini 206-406-4967

The Arab American Community Coalition and the American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee in Seattle denounces the apparent crime that took place earlier today at the Jewish Federation building in Seattle. Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families. We urge our law enforcement agencies to take immediate action against the perpetrator or perpetrators, and take all necessary actions to prevent such crimes from happening against Jews, Arabs and Muslims in the future

Violence against anyone because of ethnicity or religion does not advance the cause of peace, justice and liberation in Lebanon, Palestine or Israel. Attacks on civilians must stop in Gaza, Beirut, Haifa, and certainly in downtown Seattle.

Seattle is a beautiful city, blessed with diverse communities of all colors, histories, religions and heritages. The Seattle community is a leader in advancing the cause of tolerance and inclusion. This crime is not a reflection of what our community is.

We call on all media outlets to be responsible in their coverage of this crime and to avoid divisive, inflammatory or sensationalistic reporting. We also hope that the community at large will avoid hasty judgments and honor the victims of this crime by thoughtful and deliberate inquiry and actions.

A silent March calling for a ceasefire in Lebanon, Palestine and Israel was scheduled for tomorrow (Saturday) in Kirkland, but, in light of today’s violent actions and out of concern for the safety of members of the Arab-American community and the general public, we have decided to postpone the event to a later date. Some organizers of the event from the Arab and Jewish communities will be available at the Kirkland Marina starting at 10:00 AM to answer any questions or concerns.

The Arab American Community Coalition.
The American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee

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