Monday, July 24, 2006

Some Things You Can Do

DFA Night School:
In order to build a grassroots army and elect progressive candidates up-and-down the ballot, we need to make sure that DFA members have the skills to be effective in the campaigns ahead. We are offering three online sessions of the DFA Night School that will focus on media training.
July 25: Working the Mainstream Media
August 1: Leveraging Blogs and Online Media
August 8: Sustaining your Media Presence

100 Days to Win: Just Desserts
With the election a little more than 100 days away, we're organizing dessert potlucks on July 31st to kickoff our big program to win in November.

MoveOn members across the country are going to get together to share some delicious pie and launch our massive get-out-the-vote program. We'll link all the parties with a conference call featuring Senator Barack Obama and Al Franken, and we'll fill everyone in on how the program works and what you can do locally to help give Republicans their "just desserts" in November

Sign-up to attend a party in your neighborhood or host your own.

Uncaged Cabaret, a benefit for Jim McDermott:
Citizen Artiste and members of the Seattle/Vashon
performing arts community will collaborate to produce
“UnCaged Cabaret,” a dazzling variety show, Sunday,
August 20th, at Columbia City Theatre. The production
is a benefit and statement of support for 7th District
Congressman Jim McDermott.

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