Saturday, July 15, 2006

"Burner outraises Reichert...again!"

Goldy ...again:

This is huge… simply HUGE!

The official second quarter results are in and Democratic challenger Darcy Burner reports $590,561 in contributions compared to GOP incumbent Rep. Dave Reichert’s $569,077.

What with a nearly unprecedented presidential visit and numerous other high profile fundraisers, I had just assumed Reichert would significantly outraise Burner in the second quarter, and to be honest, I was all prepared to spin a good second-place showing by Burner into a rhetorical victory. Now that I don’t have to, I’m virtually speechless.

I’ve just cross-posted (somewhat) to Daily Kos. Please recommend so that we can get Burner’s impressive accomplishment as much national recognition as possible.

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Reality-Based Educator said...

It's nice to see Dems either equaling GOP fundraising or surpassing it.

The Hill ran a story this week about how Hastert predicted the GOP would actually pick up seats this fall because a) the political winds have changed after the Zarqawi death b) immigration can be used as a winning issue a la Bilbray in CA 06 and c) the GOP fundraising prowess is unmatched.

Leaving aside Hastert talking out his ample ass about the GOP adding seats this fall, he is right that the party can rely on their fundraising prowess. But many donors seem to be hedging their bets this year and are giving to Dems and the grassroots really is rising to the task and helping out.