Friday, July 28, 2006

"TRAGIC: Innocent people killed, wounded in shootings at Seattle Jewish Federation"

Andrew says it better than I can.

One of my neighbors works in the building.


annie said...

i just got back from the corner store and saw the headlines, huge bold font, 2 lines. i admit my initial reaction when i first heard the news (from your invaluable email updates) was one of terrible sadness that these kinds of assaults are coming home to roost.

still i was a little shocked when i saw the headline. the magnitude was so much more than for the massacre in lebanon w/hundred of innocent civilians dead. i also remember after 9/11 when several muslim mosques were attacked and some innocent arab americans were killed. i don't recall the horror in the coverage reflected in the size of the font.

it is completely unfair that innocent people will bare the brunt of atrocities carried out by terrorist actions whether they are instigated from governments we support, or those we label as terrorists.but, alas, it is inevitable. when powerful government agents carry out death squad tactics
where is the outrage?

there are members of the jewish community condeming the acts of terror inflicted in lebanon. americans across the land are condeming acts of terror committed by our government. unfortunately this will not protect us from people who consider themselves and their peoples victims of our aggressions. we have been very lucky here in america to, for the most part, escape the reprecussions of our foriegn policies.

when we place blame,let us all realize we cannot absolve ourselves. every civilian death is tragic.

Reality-Based Educator said...

I was horrified to hear about this tragedy as well. I hope this doesn't escalate, w/ right-wing orthodox jews taking it to mosques and then the mosques fighting back, etc. I suspect it won't. But I have a friend whose brother is very orthodox and very right-wing and he said he hopes the mulsims get theirs in Seattle. my friend says he said to his brother "Right, because more violence will solve all the problems."

Ugh. It's endless bloodshed these days.