Thursday, July 06, 2006

CT-Sen: The State of Things

Kos: Who supports Democratic voters?

Those who would support the Democratic nominee

UPDATE: I have heard from Obama's staff that he will support the winner of the Democratic primary.
Hillary Clinton
Howard Dean
Russ Feingold
John Kerry
Bob Menendez

Those who would support a Lieberman independent bid

Ben Nelson
Ken Salazar

Why is this important? Because there are people who are sick of clubby DC disrespecting the Democratic rank and file. There are those in DC who understand and respect the fact that power resides with the people, and that the will of the voters must be respected.

Then there are those who value power above all else, who don't think they should remain accountable to their constituents, and who will support the efforts of their colleagues to subvert the will of the people in order to keep their incumbency protection racket intact.

Matt Stoller: Questions for Obama, Boxer, Biden, Obama, etc
It's rather interesting that Boxer, Salazar, and Biden are going to campaign for Lieberman's primary election. Not a surprise, really, since incumbents tend to support their own in primaries. Let's not forget that Hillary Clinton, who has acted appropriately by both supporting Lieberman and acceding to the will of the voters, is technically supporting Joementum in the primary. Russ Feingold and Hillary Clinton have both done the right thing.

It's quite shocking of course that Salazar is going to support Lieberman. Oh wait, it's not. Salazar is one of those fake centrists who likes to showcase his maverick status by voting for corporate giveaways while tut-tutting fellow Democrats over socially liberal policies. Which makes him, well, Lieberman's base. Salazar, along with Lieberman, just voted for a corporate 'free' trade pact with Oman, a country with some of the worst labor standards in the world. 10 Senators broke with the bulk of the party to pass the legislation, and I imagine that it's these people who are the most likely indy Lieberman supporters.

Who will stand with Salazar and Lieberman, and against Connecticut voters? That's my question.

I bet that Obama, who went to Connecticut to stump for Lieberman, really wishes he didn't have to choose. I imagine it'll be tough for him to go with Lieberman, since Obama's stump speech has as its central plank the importance of voting. But then again, he voted for the Oman trade deal. He's somewhat of a maverick himself

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