Thursday, July 13, 2006

"Election 2006: Price is right" (UPDATED)

UPDATE: Good analysis earlier this week from Steve Zemke and from Goldy this morning.

I stumbled over to my computer this morning and cranked it up, only to be confronted with an editorial in this morning's Seattle P-I that delivers a little stink bomb about Mark Wilson's recent support of Maria Cantwell. They begin by allowing that "it was a bit of a shocker to see Wilson, who was so critical of Cantwell's Iraq war stance, hire on with her." But what really upset them is "they also insist on keeping his salary just between themselves."

Now I am hardly an ethical purist, and I am certainly not an apologist for Maria or Mark, but I am having a hard time working up a lather over this political marriage. Does the P-I forget about the countless primary opponents who make up and go steady, at least until the general election has taken place? The salary? I really don't care.

If you are looking for a primary candidate who looks unscathed and unblemished at this point, check out Hong Tran, but I would prefer you "come home" in November and vote for the likely Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate, Maria Cantwell.

Why? Our nation is being run by war criminals and thieves and they belong to the Republican party. What say you?

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Steve Zemke said...

Goldy over at today has a great followup post which he crossposts at Washblog. It's entitled, "Mark Wilson I was done." see

I found it very reassuring about how events evoled and how Mark came to be paid. He didn't specificly ask for it and it represents what he earned from his business.

Mark is a diverse candidate who has run statewide for over a year and brings a new perspective to Cantwell's campaign.

I think it is a good sign of Cantwell recognizing what Wilson could bring to her campaign. She could just as well, out of spie that Wilson chose to run against her in the first palace, just have said thenks for the support and good luck and good by.

Wilson's campaign was amplified by the media, which loves a conflict, but as he noted, after a year he saw less than $50,000 cash to support him and no organized rally of progressive troops to really get his campaign going.

As Wilson says - it time to move on. Senator Maria Cantwell is the incumbent and the only viable candidate there is. Its time to help her get re-elected.