Monday, July 24, 2006

"White House Preparing for Democratic Takeover?"

How optimistic should the Netroots be heading into November's midterm elections? Perhaps we should take a cue from the Bush White House, which according to Time's Mike Allen is making preparations for the possibility that the Democrats will capture one or both chambers of Congress.
Howie opinion:
At the same time, they are making plans to retain control of both Houses of Congress by any means necessary.


Reality-Based Educator said...

That paragraph from Mike Allen's TIME piece about the admin hiring more counsel in case Dems took over sounded a little like a head fake to me. I'm with you on this, Howard - they are going to try and maintain power through any means necessary. The only questions left are a) which districts will be close enough for election fraud to work in their favor b) is the watershed "throw the bums out" so big this year that stealing a few districts won't be enough.

I'm wary about the takeover. I just think they're going to steal this late in the night just the way they stole '04.

I hope I'm wrong.

Howard Martin said...

I hope we're both wrong.