Thursday, July 13, 2006

"Ava Lowery Knows Peace Takes Courage"


BuzzFlash: Getting back to the CNN interview, this reporter seemed to be trying to make you out as though you were biased or something, and particularly about the Baby Jesus video. She almost implied that that’s not fair to play that hymn with the images of the Iraqi children dying and being wounded. I think many people were quite surprised at her stance. You were very poised -- much more poised than many adults in response. What do you say to people who imply, like she did, that somehow you’re representing some sort of biased viewpoint? She even implied that this was unfair to the troops and insinuated it was propaganda. There was a lot of insinuation in her questions. What do you say when people say something like that to you?

Ava Lowery: Well, if you consider the truth to be propaganda, then I guess so. You see, we’re angry also that the media isn't talking about the truth. I have an uncle in Iraq right now, and I have another uncle who has been to Iraq. To say that I don’t support the troops is completely opposite of how I feel. Supporting our troops is not just sticking a yellow ribbon on the back of your car. It’s supporting them -- you know, keeping up with what's happening to them. It’s a lot more than what they’re trying to make it out to be. To suggest that I don’t support the troops is completely wrong.

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