Thursday, July 06, 2006

"Darcy Burner Surges Again"

Northwest Political Institute:
David Postman commented this afternoon on the Darcy Burner campaign's 2nd quarter numbers over at his Seattle Times blog:

Democratic congressional candidate Darcy Burner has raised $1.1 million in her race against Republican Congressman Dave Reichert, R-Auburn. In her filing to the Federal Election Commission due July 15 Burner will report $754,800 cash on hand, according to her campaign manager, Zach Silk. In the three months ending last week Burner raised $581,000.


With Burner's most lucrative quarter yet, Republicans will have to find a new spin to put on her fund raising success. Last quarter, Burner raised more than Reichert and, according to the King County Journal, GOP chairwoman Diane Tebelius said, "That's her early money. We'll see what happens after the early money comes in."
And now we've seen what's happened.

We've been saying this here on this blog for many months: Darcy Burner is an incredible candidate running a very strong, aggressive campaign against a weak incumbent who has demonstrated he shares the priorities of George W. Bush - not the priorities of 8th District voters.

That the campaign has such outstanding numbers to report for the second quarter will come as no surprise to anyone who is closely watching this race and this campaign. You can bet that the momentum behind Darcy Burner will only become stronger in the months ahead.

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