Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Nuts and Bolts

Scott Galindez:
Here we go again … There is a grass-roots movement picking up steam in the nutmeg state, but the old guard is rushing in to maintain the status quo. Bill Clinton is rushing to Connecticut to save Joseph Lieberman for the party insiders who don't want to lose their power in the party.

We saw the same thing when Howard Dean energized the grass roots in 2004. Clinton and others rallied to John Kerry to make sure that a nominee would emerge that would answer to the party's moneyed interests.

Washington Post:
Last year, a report called "Asking the Right Questions About Electronic Voting" took a look at the issues surrounding the move by most of the country's election jurisdictions to electronic voting machines. The report's theoretical approach contrasted with the often bitter dispute about the security of the technology between activists and voting-machine vendors.

The report's authors -- a committee of National Research Council experts, including prominent computer scientists and two former governors -- then turned their attention to this year's elections. What they found, according to a council analysis released yesterday, is not reassuring:

Jane Hamsher:
Welcome to the Bush/Liberman Police State, Wherein I Am Ejected From Bill Clinton's Speech. (video)

David Postman
Michael Hood,who follows talk radio at blatherwatch, listened yesterday to Eyman being grilled by 710 KIRO's Dori Monson — who Hood describes as an ordinarily loyal libertarian and I-917 supporter — and 570 KVI's John Carlson. Hood says neither seemed to be buying Eyman's tale or purloined petitions.

So the calendar in 2008 should look like this, provided the full DNC approves:

Iowa (caucus): 1/14
Nevada (caucus): 1/19
NH (primary): 1/22
SC (primary): 1/29

They've got to be celebrating over at Edwards' HQ, because this map is designed to give him a huge boost.


Reality-Based Educator said...

Could Edwards make a viable candidate for the general election? I've been wondering about that for a while. I like Edwards actually and I wouldn't mind seeing him president. But I'm worried about what the slime machine will do to him in the general election on the national security front, especially if the GOP candidate is McCain or Rudy. Now if the GOP nominee is George Allen or Mitt Romney, I think Edwards could hold his own there.

Of course, all this presupposes that Republicans can make national security the key issue for '08. If the housing market continues to tank, real wages continue to sink, gas prices continue to rise and the economy heads into recession or near-recession (as could happen by mid-to-late '07), then perhaps Edwards' progressive message works. Hard to say this far out.

Howard Martin said...

Won't the slime machine throw crap at anybody they do not wish to run against?