Monday, July 17, 2006

Radio Update

howieinseattle to podcast liberally:
I have been summoned to Seattle's "Drinking Liberally" Tuesday night at the Montlake Ale House. I am to participate in a podcast as a "Baby Boomer Blogger" at 9 o'clock. My wife keeps telling me I am two years too old to be a baby boomer. I will report back afterwards.
David Postman on "The David Goldstein Show," via blatherWatch:

According to Postman: "Gingrich said that public opinion can change "the minute you use the language" of World War III. The message then, he said, is "'OK, if we're in the third world war- which side do you think should win?"

Re-branding, marketing, and PR is what the Bush administration shines at in lieu of governing, and though it's doubtful they'll start yelling any time soon about WWIII, we can expect them to otherwise paint the Democrats with their broad brush of patriotic correctness as wimps, wusses, and weenies. (Exactly what, please, is the difference between a wimp, wuss, and a weenie? Maybe some of you neocon readers could write in and parse those for us).

Postman commented on the Times' report Sunday that Darcy Burner has beaten Dave Reichert in fundraising for the 2nd quarter in a row, despite that it was in the very quarter President Bush visited for a fundraiser.

Postman said he was surprised- "It should have been the best quarter Reichert could have expected."

Have Republicans been taking Darcy seriously enough? They might be now, says Postman, but they're probably not panicking because they still have more money in the bank than Burner. But we can expect them, he says, to "up their activity," which is Postman's nice, objective reporter's way of saying: they're going to get nastier.

Meanwhile, the job of the insurgency campaign of Darcy Burner is to make Sheriff Dave a surrogate for George W.Bush, which won't be hard since, despite his elegant poses as a moderate, his voting record is in the 90 something percentile with the incompetent, damaged president.

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