Thursday, July 27, 2006

"Hellfire, Damnation And Rational Thought"

The (liberal)Girl Next Door:
That Israel has become an occupier and aggressive state due to circumstances that have forced them to seek security above all else does not negate the reality that they are an occupational and aggressive force in the region and have become so, largely with the help of the U.S. government, stepped up dramatically under the stewardship of GWB. I am not unsympathetic to the situation Israel finds itself in, but this latest inflammation of violence smacks of collective punishment, message sending and the beginnings of a much bigger conflict, one that is desired by the neo-conservatives that have a death grip on the governments of both the United States and Israel. This is not an “isolated conflict” but rather one that has roots in a philosophy that seeks to reshape the world in a way that is most beneficial to a very select few.

I believe in coincidence only up to a point, and the fact that the very same shady characters that brought us Iran-Contra are manipulating the chessboard again now for their own sick power play, tells me this is chaos by design. Bush hasn’t been silent because he’s too ignorant to know what to do (well, not completely anyway) and Condi hasn’t been kept on ice for so long without reason. We are letting the violence escalate and the tensions boil for a purpose. The neo-cons are hell bent on regime change in Iran and this is their shot.
Howie opinion: I'm trying to sort all this out. Being raised as Jew hasn't really helped me to do this. I remember, way back when, living in Paris and meeting people from all over the world and the people who reminded me the most of Americans were the Israelis. This was a not good thing. I was quite surprised about that.


Michael said...

Never mind that the Arab world declared war on Israel the day it came into being. Never mind that Hezbollah ignited the current crisis by kidnapping Israeli soldiers. Never mind that Hezbollah has been firing rockets aimed at Israeli citizens for years. Never mind that Israel is surrounded by countries (excepting Egypt and Jordan) opposed to its right to exist. Never mind that Hezbollah’s conduct countermands UN Resolutions such as Nr 1559. Never mind that Arafat walked away from the 1999 Peace Talks that would have given him almost everything he wanted. Never mind the hatred spewed out in the Arab Media for decades. Never mind that Arab fighters position themselves right in the middle of civilian populations. Never mind that most current Arab leaders endorse policies that oppress women. Is Israel totally blameless? Of course not - it’s never totally black and white. But consider a map of the middle east and each country is a piece of a puzzle, put the puzzle together, look at where Israel is located in that puzzle, and ask yourself, "Who is threatening who?" As for Howe’s comments regarding Israelis resembling Americans, living in "survival mode" can affect anyone's personality. Most countries in the world talk about "Israel's right to defend itself" - but they resent it when Israel actually does defend itself. If America was surrounded by countries opposed to its right to exist, I suggest that Americans would be far more aggressive than they already are - but for different reasons - not with the hubris for inventing big cars, Rock N Roll, shopping malls, and sitcom TV, but because in the year 2006, many people of power still aren't comfortable with too many Jews with political power being in one place at the same time - the Diaspora suits them better. Don't take my word for it, read a history book and you'll read about how some of the great civilizations have treated the Jews.

Howard Martin said...

Very well put, Michael. I need to consider your comments.