Monday, July 24, 2006

Some Bi-partisan Opposition

"A Republican Woman asks why Democrats do not demand Impeachment"
"The tea was held upstairs, past open doors that held the portraits of First Ladies and mementos of previous administrations. I don't think I will be having tea with Laura Bush again."

I wrote the above to appear in a newsletter for the National Federation of Republican Women soon after the event. I had gotten my invitation to the White House Tea as a Regent for NFRW. The sandwiches were delicious - but subsequent events have persuaded me that what America needs most is an impeachment and more honesty in politics. Since it is clear the Republicans are not going to clean their own house I am urging Democrats to act now and remove both President Bush and Vice President Cheney from office.

"US Democratic opposition chief attacks Bush on Middle East"
Democratic National Committee chairman and former presidential hopeful Howard Dean accused US President George W. Bush of losing control of the Middle East by neglecting specific regional powers.

The opposition party chief said US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice's planned trip to the region was an "important first step" but that she would have trouble finding a solution of the Lebanese conflict.

"The fact remains that the Bush administration has failed to substantially engage in the very difficult arena of Middle East peacemaking over the past six years," Dean said.

Dean said the Republican administration had to keep channels open with all regional players, despite its refusal to deal with either Syria or Iran, which it views as state sponsors of terror.

"Refusing to engage while talking tough and ignoring international problems is not a foreign policy. We must have a foreign policy that is both tough and smart," said Dean.

He called for "direct negotiations with all the people of the Middle East."

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