Tuesday, July 03, 2007

"Closing in on 10,000"

Al Gore:

Unbelievable! Right now 7,112 Live Earth parties have been scheduled in 129 countries.

Let’s reach 10,000 house parties in the next 72 hours. All it will take is 2,888 AlGore.com members signing up to host a party.


These parties add so much to Live Earth. When we first talked about doing concerts, the only downside I saw was that they could only be held in a few locations. But you've changed that -- and now this event is truly taking place nearly everywhere you are.

Live Earth is only 4 days away. Sign up to host a house party today by visiting:


Live Earth parties taking place in your area are a great way to gather with other people who believe we need to solve the climate crisis -- and they are a great way to get new people involved in our movement. You can find a party near you at the link below and bring your friends.


Or, if you'd like to hold your own party, you still can. All you have to do is click here:


Your passion and commitment are what's driving our movement forward.

Thank you,

Al Gore

P.S. If you haven’t already, sign the Live Earth Pledge right now by visiting:


P.P.S. On Saturday you can watch extensive coverage of Live Earth from around the world on MSN by visiting:


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