Friday, July 13, 2007

"Enough! in Federal Way, Washington"

The Young Turks:
If your answer is yes, then please join us on corners of the South 320th Street and Pacific Hwy South intersection in Federal Way, Washington every Sunday from noon until 1 PM. We had 10 people attend the July 8th protest. At this initial "ENOUGH" protest, we brought an assortment of signs, including a few "ENOUGH" ones. The traffic passes by too rapidly to be able to offer up any sort of explanation or elaboration on the declaration of "ENOUGH." As time goes by and people become familiarized with the reason for our presence on the corner, the percentage of "ENOUGH" signs will increase. We received plenty of affirmative honks from the passing motorists and a few not-so-friendly gestures.

If you've had enough, join us next Sunday! For more information, please visit

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