Monday, July 09, 2007

"Darcy Burner posts record fundraising totals"
Democrat Darcy Burner will report campaign contributions of $199,768 for the second quarter of 2007 — more than any challenger in any congressional district over the same three month period in the history of Washington state. Burner’s fundraising efforts now put her nine months ahead of her impressive 2006 pace, in which she raised nearly $3.1 million.
With $185,000 cash on hand, a 16,000-strong contributor list, the unwavering support of the local netroots, and a top-notch campaign team forming around her, I can’t imagine why another Democrat would attempt to challenge her for the opportunity to face-off against Sheriff Reichert. (But then, I’m not sure why any sane person would put themselves through the rigors of a race like this.)

When final numbers are reported on the 15th, I’m guessing we’ll find Burner ahead of Reichert in cash-on-hand, and in the top tier of challengers nationally.

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