Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Another Seattle Election Autopsy (Updated)

UPDATE: As promised, here are the dets (Publicola-Josh Feit): "Mallahan vs. McGinn: The Inside Story":
Sure, you can go to lots of forums and listen to reporters and random consultants give their 20,000-foot analysis of this year’s mayoral campaign.

But we’ve rounded up the political strategists who actually helped come up with and execute this year’s campaign game plans—Team Mallahan and Team McGinn—to face off one more time.

Come to the Del Rey in Belltown on Monday night November 23 and hear McGinn’s gonzo strategist Bill Broadhead (from the Mercury Group) and sharpshooter Mallahan spokeswoman Charla Neuman explain their strategies, Monday-morning quarterback themselves and each other, and fill you in on how they were reading, playing, and trying to outsmart one another.


What did Team Mallahan think when McGinn made his tunnel reversal? What did Team McGinn think when Mallahan—with the much bigger bank account—dumped another $100K into his own campaign? Why did Mallahan decide to go negative? How did McGinn orchestrate his now-famous field game?

Seattle Channel’s C.R. Douglas moderates. Our own Erica C. Barnett will sit on the panel to give a reporter’s perspective. And the former rival campaigns will tell their own stories and answer your questions.

Del Rey. 2332 1st Ave. in Belltown. Doors open at 5pm. Show starts at 6pm. Free. Cash bar.

MORNINGFIZZ (Publicola):
...Speaking of calendars, mark yours for 6:00 next Monday evening (11/23), when PubliCola will bring in representatives from both sides of this year’s contentious mayoral election (including Joe Mallahan’s indomitable spokeswoman Charla Neuman) for a panel discussion of what strategies (and ads) worked, what didn’t, and what the candidates themselves did right and wrong in the days leading up to the general election.

C.R. Douglas of the Seattle Channel and PubliCola’s Erica C. Barnett will moderate, asking the campaign brains themselves to analyze their two-month showdown.

Downtown location to be announced later today.

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