Sunday, November 08, 2009

Giordano: U.S. Senate will pass health care reform

UPDATE: Greg Sargent (The Plum Line) says "and here’s one more thing that Obama told House Dems in that private pep rally yesterday":

“When I sign this in the Rose Garden, each and every one of you will be able to look back and say, ‘This was my finest moment in politics.’”

Al Giordano:
Congrats to everyone who did the heavy lifting of going door to door, joining phone banks, doing data entry, and organizing your communities to make the people's voice heard.

Tonight history was made - by you.

As readers here know, I never doubted this would happen, and I said so repeatedly. While some spent the summer and fall whipped by the commercial media into Chicken Little frenzies, others went out and got it done. You know who you are.

Nor do I doubt that the US Senate is next to do it.

Not since the presidency of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, has any US government help for the workers and the poor this sweeping been made law.

There are still a few more slips twixt the cup and the lip, there will be more pushing and shoving on the Senate side, but if organizers keep organizing, this will not fail.

Enjoy the video...

Update: And I'd also just say... what Booman said.

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