Sunday, November 08, 2009

"Health Care Reform Bill Passes House Of Representatives" (with video)

News1News, video from CNN (02:32).

Howie P.S.: Ken Camp (NPI Advocate) covers the story in Congress from the Northwest angle. Ezra Klein (WaPo) looks ahead to the Senate vote. Lee Stranahan defends Kucinich's "no" vote. Late in the process to achieve a majority for passage, the Stupak amendment, a "full-out ban on abortion coverage in the public exchange," was added to garner the votes of pro-life Democrats. Rod (Rod 2.0) points out that key LGBT provisions are included. Booman doesn't much like Kucinich's "no" vote, or the bill in general:
A shitty bill passed, and it's a miracle.

Given the odds, I should be ecstatic. But, I'm not. This just reminds me how pathetically conservative my country is, even with 60 Democratic senators and 258 members of the House.

And then there is Kucinich. He can bite me.
Matt Yglesias blames our "bi-cameral" government structure for Obama's struggles to get his agenda, including health care, enacted.

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