Saturday, November 14, 2009

Publicola: "Cary Moon, Sharon Lee Among Advocates and Activists on McGinn Team"

Josh Feit (Publicola):
Hinting at the seismic cultural shift that could come with a Mike McGinn administration, The Seattle Times has an article this morning headlined “Band of advocates, activists now McGinn’s likely insiders.” But The Times reports that “no one is naming names.”
While McGinn has announced some names of the leaders on his transition team—like landscape architect Liz Birkholz and Southeast Seattle activists Darryl Smith (also rumored to be in line for a job with the administration)—most members of the “Band of advocates” have been kept on the DL.

However, PubliCola has got the names of a few of the advocates and activists working behind the scenes right now to focus the new administration’s agenda—people who’ve been holding long meetings this week (and more meetings this weekend) to help get McGinn’s administration up and running. Obviously, working on the transition team could lead to a gig with the McGinn administration.

Some names include:

Wyking Garrett, founded the Seattle Hip Hop Youth Council, was president and CEO of Umoja Fest (an African American community festival), helped displace drug houses in the Central District with community centers, and is the local representative of Green for All , a social justice group founded by Glenn Beck-ousted-White House advisor Van Jones that uses environmentalism to address urban poverty.

Garrett ran for mayor in the primary (he came in seventh) and is the son of Omari Garrett who is infamous for cracking former Mayor Paul Schell in the head with a megaphone.

Rob Holland, the newly-elected (first African American and first gay) Seattle Port Commissioner, the former chair of the 37th District Democrats in Southeast Seattle, and a bio-fuels salesman.

Sharon Lee, director of the Low-Income Housing Institute—an affordable housing developer.

Cary Moon, a strong anti-tunnel activist—and as the head of the People’s Waterfront Coalition, the leading proponent of the surface/transit option along the downtown waterfront.

Tania Maria Rosario, a public relations consultant and longtime organizer on Latino, labor, and children’s issues.

Roger Valdez, a former King County anti-smoking advocate and Peter Steinbrueck staffer who currently works at green think tank Sightline as a research associate.

Julian Wheeler, a Roosevelt neighborhood leader (he was a member of the board of the Roosevelt Neighbors Alliance), a Democratic party activist (the vice chair of the 43rd District Democrats), and a lawyer who works with the Seattle Office of Civil Rights.

Yesterday, we broke the news that David Postman, Vulcan’s spokesman and former Seattle Times political reporter, is on McGinn’s transition team as well, advising on communications.
Howie P.S.: Looks like Publicola and SLOG are both vying to be the official insider's outlet for the McGinn posse.

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