Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Garfield Students: "Fund Our Future"

Garfield students hang banner overlooking rally at City Hall.Goldy | The Stranger

David Goldstein (SLOG):
Organizers of today's march and rally of Garfield High School students couldn't have hoped for a better outcome. Several hundred students walked out of school around 12:30 pm to protest continued cuts in education funding, and marched to a rally in the city hall plaza. It was a large, enthusiastic, and diverse crowd—"The most diverse Garfield event I've ever been to," one student told me—and well behaved almost to a fault. Every time a student strayed into the street, others would call for them to stay on sidewalk, and bike cops had to repeatedly yell at students to continue crossing against the crosswalk light. It made for slow going.

Students, parents, teachers, and administrators should be proud. MORE...

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