Wednesday, November 09, 2011

An especially bad legislative session is being convened to ram state budget cuts down the throats of the 99%. $2.7 billion will be cut and your representatives will pretend that they can’t do anything about it. The 99% understand that many state representatives have their arms twisted behind their backs by the big banks, corporations and 1%, while others happily go along with the corporate ruling class. We seek to recognize and free from under the dominance of corporations those state representatives who would like to stand with the 99%. For those that are happily doing the bidding of their corporate ruling class we will recognize and free you from your position as state representative.

If our state representatives won’t provide for the relative security and basic needs of the 99% during a time of increasing need then they must step aside or they will be removed directly. To the corporate lobbyist, you are no longer welcome on the capital campus, leave now and never return or we will expel you directly.

The special session is scheduled to last for 30 days. Come for a day, a week, the month, or indefinitely.

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