Monday, November 21, 2011

"People Are Awesome: Meet the New York Mom Who Made the OWS 'Bat Signal' Possible" (video)

GoodNews with video (04:29) from AnonOps1337:
A couple of weeks ago, activist Mark Read was preparing to project a message—now dubbed the "bat signal"—onto the Verizon Building for Occupy Wall Street's two-month anniversary. He had gotten a 12K lumen projector from an anonymous donor. He had secured collaborators Max Nova and JR Skola of the art group Dawn of Man. But in order to sustain the projections for more than a few minutes, he needed a room to set up shop. He posted signs in the public housing complex across the way from Verizon, offering $250 for three hours of window use.

"None of the calls seemed to be working out," Mark Read says of the days leading up to last Thursday's protest. "I was preparing to just go back and stalk the building or the lobby."

That's when he heard from Denise Vega, a native New Yorker and single mother of three who was down for the OWS cause from the get-go. MORE...
H/t to Marcia Kato.

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